make believe it's hyper real

I re-read B+B and was inspired to do some fan art for Queans and Skoptsy! Everyone go bow down to their amazing webcomic and art V__V 

Anyways aaahh I’m so sorry I did not mean for it to be like this, I really didn’t. I drew Arlie’s crush first (I don’t know her name, but I do know she is all kinds of cute), but then that looked bad so I drew Bambie and then I was like, “oh, I can’t draw Bambi without Cricket that’s just weird”. 

So… Aaah I feel kind of embarrassed to be honest LOL.

Anyways, I hope you like it and please continue drawing your comic, okay. <3

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  4. queans said: You are all sorts of fantastic Paper!! I already admired you and your style without the fan art, SO YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SEEING THIS ON MY DASH MEANS!! THEY’RE ALL SO FANTASTIC!! Very in character <3<3 I love love Youre cricket!! THE BLUE !!!
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